The Pladsons of Newburgh Township

The Pladsons of Newburgh Township

Discover the courageous Norwegian immigrants of the 1860s; learn about their families, homes, farms, schools, churches, and early pioneer life in North Dakota.

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Deer Valley Press now offers two history books: History of a Place Called Rescue and The Pladsons of Newburgh Township.

History written from the heart

History of a Place Called Rescue is about where Chief Teie lives. Rescue, California, is a small, rural community in the heart of California’s gold country. Rescue may be small and have a unique name, but it is also rich with history — and that history is what this 380-page, full-color book is all about! Over 800 photographs and other graphics in this beautifully presented table-top book capture the spirit of the past.

The Pladsons of Newburgh Township is about Chief Teie’s family genealogy and the Norwegians who came to America in the 1860s, eventually settling in North Dakota. This beautiful 544-page, full-color book includes over 950 photographs, maps, and other graphics from family and private collections. Learn about these courageous Norwegian immigrants and their families, homes, farms, schools, churches, and early pioneer life in North Dakota.