4 Wheeler’s Guide to the Rubicon Trail

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The information you need to plan, guide, and remember your trip

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ISBN 978-0-9640709-5-0

“The only thing better than this guide is an actual trip down the Rubicon Trail.”
— Dan Mainwaring, President, Jeepers Jamboree

“A great guide book, one of the best I’ve seen. It presents the Rubicon Trail as it really is.”
— Mark A. Smith, Founder, Jeep Jamboree USA

“The 3-D pictures are way-cool. They allow me to show my friends what the Rubicon Trail is really like.”
— Lanny McGinity, Frequent Rubicon Trail Traveler

Plan your trip. Traveling the Rubicon Trail is not a trip for the unprepared. Refer to the guide for helpful hints on what to do before you venture out into the wilderness.

Guide your trip. The maps included in the guide will help direct you along the way. See what the trail is really like with unique 3-D pictures. (3-D glasses are included with the guide.) The descriptive information will give you an appreciation for the history of the area and the challenges and pleasures of the experience.

Remember your trip. One of the most important functions of the guide is to aid in recalling your great adventure and to show others what you “went through.”

If you are going to tackle the Rubicon Trail, this is the guide book you need. Inside you’ll find information about

  • History of the Rubicon Trail
  • Trip Logistics
  • Trail Notes and Topographic Maps
  • Trail Etiquette and Safety
  • Forest Service Rules and Regulations

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